B-41/7, -Block Market Sector-31, Noida-201301


DR V P Singh


LLRM medical college and SVBP hospital Meerut

Field of expertise

Laser surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery

&General Surgery


Member of the Association of surgeons Of india(ASI)

Awards & Recognitions

Recipient of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

National Award for excellence in the field

Of medicine

Recipient of Corporate citizen Award for

Corporatization of Healthcare industries

Recipient of the Best Doctor Awards in

The field of General surgery in Delhi ncr by

Ayushman India- Danik Jagran

Breif Profile

Dr.V.P Singh is one of the best laparoscopic doctor in Noida ,known for ability to perform surgeries cutting-edge LASER &Advanced laparoscopy surgeries. Dr. V.P Singh is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Noida. He has vast experience in the field of surgery and performed more than 5000+ surgeries in hospitals such as Sir Ganga ram Hospital, Metro hospital, Sharda medical college etc. He is currently affiliated with Kailash Hospital & Dharamshala Narayana Superspecialist Hospital and Gunjan Boutique Hospitals. He is natural and energetic leader who has led various projects for hospitals with integrity and success. He also enjoys organizing health camps, health melas, baby shows, sports and cultural events etc. to create a better connect with the community.

Work Experience

                        Perform all kinds of conventional surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries.

                      Take care of patient in total.

                    Educate patient and attendants for prevention of disease

                    Imbibe and perform latest techniques.

    firm believer of
    socio corporatism (it means everything can grow with the growth and development of society)


    Keeps organizing health camps, health melas, baby shows, sports and cultural events etc.

    Associated with NGOs like Masoom and RAHI, DDF. Recipient of Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur national award for excellencies in the field of medicine, corporate citizen award for corporatization of healthcare industry . Along with these awards he has received various other awards and honors given by IMA, NGOs, social organizations and various education societies, Dainikjagaran Ayushman award is the latest one.