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A pathologist is a doctor or physician that has complete knowledge in anatomic and clinical pathology. Pathology is the identifying of diseases and disorders using a microscope and other instruments to perform tests on tissue and blood samples. At Gunjan Hospital have many of our pathologists have completed additional services in various subspecialties.

Pathology is the consultative service provided to you and your doctor is not simply a laboratory test. The tests a pathologist uses are his/ her tools, but ultimately the decision regarding a particular diagnosis is based on the pathologist's expertise and training in the interpretation of your biopsy or blood sample.

A doctor may order a specimen test or biopsy when, during a physical examination or imaging appointment, an area appears to be abnormal. A biopsy is a tissue sample taken from the body to be examined more closely, such as from a lesion or tumor. Most are performed to look for various types of cancer, but there are many other conditions that can be identified with a biopsy. Based on pathology test results, your doctor can determine the best course of treatment for you, should you need it.

The Gunjan Hospital Laboratory team has many year of Experience with degrees ranging from MDs, PhDs, masters’, bachelors’ and associates degrees to assist you with your lab tests. Our professionals include:

• Pathologists

• Medical technologists

• Cytotechnologists

• Histotechnologists

• Medical laboratory technicians

• Laboratory assistants

• Customer service representatives

• Administrative personnel Laboratory team provide accurate results and quality patient care.

Lab tests can help you evaluate your own health. Sometimes test results can be outside of normal ranges for many reasons. Discuss all lab results with your doctor.