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What is Vaginal Rejuvenation? Vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella term for a variety of procedure that can be used to restore a more youthful or neater appearance . It is a broad term for vaginal corrective treatment .These procedures can be done for cosmetic reasons or to solve age related problems such as lack of vaginal tightness(laser),dryness and urinary incontinence. Energy based treatment provide a non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures: These are many procedure that are considered part of vaginal rejuvenation within cosmetic gynecology these procedure are meant to correct problems that can occure after giving with or during the aging procedure condition can include:- • Larcity (lack of tightness) of the vagina • Stress urinary incontinence • Lack of lubrication. The two main groups of women who get this treatment are -: Postmenopausol Postportum Neo v Laser /Energy based procedure-: Neo v laser is a treatment system that is laser based . These energy based treatment are non-surgical procedure that use heat. The goal is to enhance collagen ,blood vessels ,tightness and lubrication . o-shot – o shot is an one one –shot injection that allows women to enjoy better their sex lives again . essentially, your bodys our highly properties are repurposed to cause vaginal rejuvenation . Plotelet-rich plasma (PRP) is taken from your blood and in injected into the clitorio and vagina . It stimulating tissue growth and increased function. Surgical procedures :- There are more traditional surgical procedures like vaginoplasty , lesioplasty &clitoral hood reduction . these surgeries are selectively simpaly& make cosmetic charges to the skin to make clean young appearances . Kiegle and pelvic floor excercises – these exercise are meant to stengther the mussules in and around the vagina . Energy based treatment -: A few queries on laser treatment .  When is an energy based treatment done? Energy based treatment can be done is doctors office . little ,ilary, anesthesia is used during the procedures . patient can typically continue with their day without needing recovery tissue.  What dose energy based treatment feel like? There is typicaly little irritation during the treatment the sjfj being treatment may feel warm during the procedures . a topical anesthesia may be used if the iss discomfort.  The any conmplication associate with energy based treatment for vaginal rejuvenation these are risk of bleeding or infection but the risk is low . in rore circumstances, vaginal or relnal recovery may result for energy based treatment.  How long should ? wait to home since after an energy based treatment to vaginal rejuvenation a patient should wait 2-3 days to home rest after an .  Is this treatment permanent?- No energy based treatment for vaginal rejuvenation are not permanent. For the best result the treatment will need to be done over sevral session at time.


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