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Dr. Gunjan Dhari (MBBS, Dip, PGDM Family Physician)

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In medical practice that deals with the female reproductive system’s health, is referred to as gynecology. It is the branch of medicine focussing on diseases related to girls and women, especially the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive organs. Gynecology is also abbreviated as GYN.

Gynecologists is a specialized doctors who specialize in the medical care of women, especially concerning female reproductive organs. Gynecology doctor deal with issues such as pregnancy, menstruation, childbirth, hormone disorders, fertility disorders, etc. Mostly, gynecologists are perform a pap smear test, using an instrument called a speculum, to detect any abnormalities in the reproductive system.

Obstetrics is the field of medicine specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. The abbreviation of obstetrics is OB.

obstetrician doctor is a specialist dealing in the surgical care of women during pregnancy. obstetrician are doctors who manage the pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and post-natal care. Obstetrician takes end to end care of women throughout their pregnancy. Some of the major duties of an obstetrician are:

• Routine ultrasounds and tests during the pregnancy to monitor both you and your child’s health.

• Advice on diet and medications.

• Deliver your baby.

• Help you deal with any issues like morning sickness, body pain, etc.

Yes. There are times when men pay a visit to gynecologists for their fertility problems, seek treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections or matters concerning their sexual health. However, Urologists are the doctors who specialize in men’s sexual and reproductive health. They also diagnose and treat diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women.